IPhone – How to Stream Movies From PC | Windows 10/ Mac

In this short tutorial video I’m going to be showing you guys how to stream movies from Your windows PC (this also works on MAC)
To your IPhone. using a simple app called Air Video HD.

This really does come in handy if you aren’t interested in transferring the movies to your IPhone via Itunes
with the app Air Video HD – you Just load up the video folder, and you’re ready to go.

Works on Wifi and over the net.
so you can use your PC to host a stream of movies which you have access…

4 thoughts on “IPhone – How to Stream Movies From PC | Windows 10/ Mac

  1. Thank you thank you x a bazillion !!!! Been looking for something like this forever. It's now $5.99 but that's waaaayyy cheaper than a $350 headset, and the stream quality is perfect as if it ws native to the phone, not streaming. Thank you man.

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