iPhone SE vs iPhone XR – which should you buy? (Comparison)

The iPhone XR and iPhone SE are both very similar and yet quite different- but they make up the least expensive iPhones in Apple’s current lineup. Which is the better buy?
iPhone SE Review –
iPhone XR Review –
iPhone Buying Guide:

0:00 – Introduction
1:27 – Design Comparison
3:20 – Camera Comparison
5:13 – Tech Specs Comparison
5:47 – Value Comparison
7:28 – Conclusion

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46 thoughts on “iPhone SE vs iPhone XR – which should you buy? (Comparison)

  1. Do you have an iPhone XR or an SE? Which do you think is the better buy? As always, curious to hear what you all think!
    Edit: Also forgot to mention the newer SmartHDR in effect on the SE at 4:05. The sky on the XR's photo is blown out, although I will say the green on the tree does pop more.

  2. For a daily average life. There isn’t any difference lol. Not a huge difference. Buying a more expensive one is just to show off to your friends and your ego and nothing else! Buy what you need and not to satisfy your ego or others.

  3. Touch ID is more intuitive than Face ID, don't @ me.

    Lol jk, good vid 91 Tech. Been watching for a while, seeing the improvement is impressive.

  4. Honestly I have the iPhone 11 as my daily phone and my iPhone 6. Still I missed the one hand grip phone and I still used the iPhone 6 along with my 11. 😍😍😍😊

  5. Tbh im just watching cuz im waiting on my xr to arrive. Wanted the se but the swipe gestures is what made me like apple and the bigger screen matters to me.

  6. Basically:
    Get the SE if you:
    – Like the small form factor and prefer the old design
    – Don't like Face ID
    – Care about the extra two years of software updates
    – Can't pay over 400$ for a phone
    Get the XR if you:
    – Play games
    – Want a bigger screen
    – Care about the better battery life
    Even if I could afford the XR, i'd still go with the SE solely for its' form factor, i just love it

  7. i just bought an iphone xr for 450 used and it's my first ios device since getting an LG g4 in high school and moving between pixels as they released. So far loving the experience and the battery life is pretty amazing for xr. I got it over the SE for the better battery life out of the box, since I would plan on it degrading over time. Only issue I have is transferring photos from my old phone to my new one with icloud not being too intuitive to me but that's just an ios switching problem

  8. I got the SE on launch day at Walmart for $199! It’s replacing my Xs though I’m keeping it. The SE is slightly smaller but very quick and is really doing a great job as my phone, it’s main job! It fits in pockets even with a case on very easily and fits in my hand more easily as well. The A13 is powerful but not THAT more powerful than the A12. The Xs will make a super iPod and live out its life in that capacity but the SE will serve as my phone. Battery life has been good for that job so no complaints there. I think as long as people use the SE as it is intended, it will serve their needs well.

  9. I have the SE, I upgraded from a 6s and I absolutely love my SE.. I was debating on getting the main flagship, the 11, or getting this phone and I made such a amazing decision for the price point.

  10. Not a fan of Apple anymore ,especially when ive just realised i can buy A Redmi Note 8T that has 6gb of ram triple camera setup , a 1080p IPS display 4k Recording etc for only 150 dollars on Amazon , i know the CPU inside is not a flagship CPU but it can still run all the same games and do most everything and more than these very expensive iPhones, i feel Apple has turned into a fashion brand, years ago when a new iPhone such as the 6s came out it was ahead of its time and had premium build quality, nowadays in 2020 you can even buy a Glass backed Dual camera 1080p phone for 80 bucks and im not joking for example the Huawei Mate 20 Lite or P20 Lite premium build quality was used in those devices and they look as good as any iPhone, i just cant understand why someone would buy such ann outdated phone, the worst thing for me is no headphone jack and no USB C , the old lightning port is really holding these phones back.

  11. I have a coral XR like the one in the video. It’s only a year old so keeping it for awhile. I didn’t like Samsung’s gesture navigation before I switched and almost bought an 8+ but glad I got the XR. Gestures were intuitive learned them immediately. Now prefer them over a home button.

  12. I sold my XR and got the new SE. I like the smaller lighter size. The display looks the same just smaller and the picture quality is better. Touch ID is a bonus now at days as well. The battery life isn’t as good but not the end of the world I charge for 30 minutes or so once a day instead of waiting till bed 🤷🏻‍♂️.

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