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iOS 13.4 Beta 1 – MORE New Features & Changes


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41 thoughts on “iPhone SECRET HACK You MUST TRY! #2

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  2. Omg, this is what I asked for 🙂 But seems a bit complicated. Would be great if this will work the same way VoiceMemos works. Start audio rec. and click on the phone’s side to turn off screen. 🙂

  3. Bruh when i tried it without looking how to stop it I barely managed to open YouTube wtf is this why is it on the phone its so hard to do anything with this function

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  5. It works of course
    But don’t forget that on iphone with LCD screens the screen won’t turn off instead it will become all black
    Otherwise on Oled screens like x/xs/11pro black colors means pixel turned off

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  8. In camera you can double click with 2 fingers to capture video and also end it. I’m visually impaired and i use voiceover sometimes. Double click also answer phone calls and stops and play music and videos.

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