iPhone – Tips for Seniors and Beginners

iPhone tips for seniors, beginners and older generation users.

Tips for using Siri on your iPhone or iPad:

For behind the scenes and exclusive content:

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47 thoughts on “iPhone – Tips for Seniors and Beginners

  1. Very helpful.! I am a Sr and I just switched from my Android LG to the new SE. I have been very frustrated because it doesn’t come with any instructions and the Move to iOS app doesn’t work, even when I took it to the TMobile store and left it with them. I have subscribed and will check out your other videos. So far though I am not very impressed by Apple or the I OS

  2. 65 you lost me in the first 2 minutes,first use a stylus not enough feeling in fingers ,second going way to fast third too late lost attention going to another viedo!

  3. Thanks Alex ,I like watching your videos for seniors. I am a senior and am using an I phone7.

    I would like to know how to take a picture with my I phone 7 and be able send it to another person. My email address is iyounessi@gmail.com and my telephone number is (323) 610 0246. Thank you, Peace be with you.

  4. I enjoyed the tips but I have a question you did not cover. I just bought my i phone 7 and added in about 70 contacts. Everything seemed fine until I tried to send a text to one of my contacts. Instead of her name coming up like everyone else I send a text to when I hit message, the phone number comes up. Even though the message showed blue, like she had received the text, but she hadn't. I even cancelled it out and redid it but she still did not get it. When I get to the screen where you send the message, it shows the sender is not in your contact list. Underneath that it had Report junk. I hit the report junk to see what it said and it read delete and report junk. I was not sure about that so I cancelled out. I keyed in her information just like I did the others but hers is the only one that does not work. Can you help me?

  5. By any chance, could you slowly show a senior how to transfer photos from the iphone to the computer? I've tried but it tells me that the file didn't go through. I have no idea of what I'm doing wrong. Thank you ! I have windows 10 but I don't know if that helps any.

  6. After volume and silence switch, and before settings, topics I would cover include (but are not limited to):
    Difference between off, asleep, awake, on lock screen, and on home screen.
    Touch gestures
    Home screen has pages, doc.
    Answering a phone call
    Making a phone call(Probably by entering a phone number)
    Adding a simple contact
    Making a phone call with Siri
    Reading a text message and simple text message concepts (I. Eat. Conversations)
    Sending a text message
    Difference between text message and email
    Walk-through dictating a message
    Sending a message with Siri

    These are just off the top of my head.

  7. wow my stylist to look through Settings, this is not the place to start for my wife. Re bluetooth: one of the reasons she wants the phone is to do hands-free calls in the car.

  8. Videos this are a blessing for us of the 'stick shift' generation. We can drive an old car where you young ;whippersnappers' don't have a clue how to start and shift. There is definitely a generation gap.

  9. Don/t know what kind of phone you were demonstrating all this info on,..but it sure wasn;t like my
    Apple I-phone 8 X…could not see many of the things you were demonstrating…gotta move on to someone else…thanx anyway…!!!….Adam Smith Ontario Canada…

  10. Normally seniors get iPhones and climb it to next as these are gifts from their children and grandchildren! They enjoy not because of getting better models but from the fact they get a chance to discuss with their children! Thanks for information but it’s always better to complain and get it fixed by their dearest!

  11. listen jackass.I don't need tricks and tips.I am 60. I have never owned a smart phone before.I need to know how to use the basic functions of an iphone. how to make calls,how to text,how to delete things, how to get on the internet,how to check messages.Get it?Basic functions. The "neat cool stuff" comes latter. This video is useless for helping a novice.

  12. Approaching my 70's here.
    The technology is exponential, and unless any baby boomer got absorbed into the http://www.wave in the '90s or in later progression, you will be limited to grasping the intricate "tweaks".
    Hopefully you have grands an great grands bambinos, dedicated to your happiness.
    If you are like me with no support, than it is attainable eventually, while sacrificing "huge available waking hours " .
    Have only lately acquired a cell phone"technically it being an predecessor flip mobile"
    OK I have a smart? phone, you won't see me walking anywhere with IT to my ear.
    You will not see me frantically messaging after Thanksgiving Dinner

  13. Hi there Anson Alexander!!! Could you please take the time(!) to help a Norwegian dumbass??? I`ve heard that you`re the best, so here I go!!! I`ve got a gmail Message I have to change the date on (sent) ?

  14. Let us get a book with a phone like they gave with a phone all phone's are different and you can't find the information you need on the internet give customers back a book with the phone please !!!!!

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