iPhone to Android – 1 year later

What it’s been like using Android for a year, what we miss about iOS, what we love about Android, why someone may want to switch between phone OSs, and what may drive us back to iOS.

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25 thoughts on “iPhone to Android – 1 year later

  1. Im saving for an Iphone XR because I was on Android all the time. All of them became laggy after like an year or two and I need to change to another one or get used with it which I did most of the time but now Im really getting sick of it and really want to try it out since my cousin and some of my friends moved to IOS and they said that they really love it and the amount of money you spend on it, it's worth it. I will be able to afford it on september this year, hope it will not remain smooth for more than one year. Im not playing that much on my phone, I usually have one or 2 games that Im play only when im really bored and most of the time I use my phone for basic stuff like checking instagram/tik tok, watching videos on youtube,listening to music and using the browser to search for stuff. I never customised my android phones, only changed the lock screen and the home screen(but most of the time I kept going back to the default photos). I was never interrested in using different themes or change the look of it completely with various launchers, always kept it as default so less customization on the iphone it's not a problem for me at all. Saw that some people cried about the messy notifications, I can deal with that too. I would rather have a simplistic looking phone with messy notifications but with apps behaving well and smooth experience for a long period of time than a more customizable phone with powerfull specs but with apps behaving like crap, lagging only after one or two years. I would like to know how well is an iphone behaving after let's say 2 years of casual usage, it it's still as smooth as day one? That's what I've heared from some of my friends.

  2. Google has photos and other cloud services that let you backup damn near anything to all devices and Nearby Share is similar to Apple Airdrop from what I've seen. Great video I've always loved how you go in depth into everything and do reviews after a longer period of time.

  3. Man, you sound just like me. Other than i don't care about having the best camera or video. That's why I use the OnePlus 8. I also use an iPad pro and a samsung galaxy S6 tablet and a Windows PC. I like to tinker 👍

  4. I would have switched to ios if I didn't have the habit of downloading apps not in the play store. And of course not paying for games on the play store. Ios widgets are so amazing compared to the subpar android widgets.

  5. 4:11 it's a long time complaint of google software being better on ios than android.

    Like how gBoard was released on iOS many months before android.

    Google is a d*ck in that aspect. I respect Apple giving exclusivity to its own iOS platform.

  6. Not enough information to for someone to make a definite decision between IOS and Android. You seemed to dance around and did not pinpoint which is better. But I realized you did stated something about you receive the Pixel from Google to use and evaluate. So I’m thinking you can’t say IOS is better or you’d loose your deal with Google.

  7. AirDrop – NearbySharw, Reume on Mac – Your Phone Comoanion, iOS screen recording – android screen recordin up to 2k and canninclude your fromt facing camera an your audio. There ya go

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