IPhone XR Not Touching | Can't Open Apps | Can't Turn Off

You can try Tenorshare ReiBoot ( ) to pepair iOS system and fix iPhone Won’t turn, touching problems or stuck on Apple logo easily.

check out this video if your phone stop pressing any apps and stop working from iPhone X to XS Max .
for same problem different solution click this video :

Tip !!!! if this doesn’t work let your battery drain.
Tip!!!! read the comments some people posts another working…

25 thoughts on “IPhone XR Not Touching | Can't Open Apps | Can't Turn Off

  1. My iphone xr is stuck saying facetiming ending. I can't open any apps and it won't turn off, I tired to turn it off forcefully but it won't. I can't put it to sleep because my auto lock turns off never, and I can't open any apps to change it, so what do I do?

  2. For everyone who just got ios14 beta and the black ft thing came up and won’t let you open any apps or turn off your phone, I watched this vid and it didn’t work one bit, all you need to do is FaceTime yourself from another Apple device and it’ll work like a charm!!! Simple as that:)

  3. super trick i was not able to use my 11 it would start and move all around but not go further the facebook page i last locked my phone in… was not able to reboot nither restart… this trick helped a lot

  4. Lol reminds me when I couldn’t open my phone, I turned it off and I couldn’t swipe up to get in, it looked like that white bar wasn’t even there but idk what happened

  5. Okay so me and my friend were having a sleepover and her phone was frozen on the Instagram screen and it was stuck like that for hours then she told me to look up what to do and I watched one prior and it didn’t work then I watched this Video and it saved her life.

  6. LoL:) I got the same problem 5/26/2020. I have to use iTunes to reset it. What's the hell Indi's technicians do over there?… Oh my GOD!..rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Please, bring it back to the USA😂🤣😃

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