Is Your iPhone at Risk? checkm8 Explained!

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Checkm8 is a bootrom-level security exploit that can be used against every iPhone from the 4S to the X.

It was announced late last week by axi0mX and ever since we’ve seen everything from fear, uncertainty, and doubt, to supremely good reporting on what it is, what it isn’t, and most importantly, what it means for all of us.


29 thoughts on “Is Your iPhone at Risk? checkm8 Explained!

  1. I haven't watched this video before commenting, but please tell me the title is just clickbait to get people's attention because a hacker would need to literally plug your phone into their computer to have a chance at doing anything bad

    ok thank you for actually reporting facts and not bogus lies

  2. So if you are on an iPhone 5 on iOS 10, is there any reason to go this route over using Helix? You can't upgrade so you are forever jailbreakable. This is cool because with this I can get my iPod 4s on a lower firmware or put iPad 4 on iOS 9

  3. I remembered being tethered on ios 4 and if you reboot you will need to run the exploit. So your phone would be useless unless there is a computer near by. Not good if you are in the go. I hope it isn't like that, it was only a particular version of iOS 4 that was effected that way.

  4. why is every phone related youtuber not rendering their videos in fullscreen its a phone video not a fucking movie jesus christ

  5. I think Rene makes it too soft.this is actually a big problem for Apple this exploit only make it easier to find other exploits in iOS now that bootrom is compromised.

    It also does not address the past, how knows if this was used past years. Remember guys this is just what's in public eyes. We have to assume iOS is target now, just as windows was and is, more market you cover bigger target you become, maybe its best to use one of those Nokia phones with Symbian..

  6. It can get persistent, look at the 3gs for example, it also got a bootrom exploit, and with a jailbreak tweak called p0sixspwn it can become a untethered jailbreak, and law inforcement will have a way inside every iphone . . .

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