Jailbreak Your iPhone 4 and Start Tweaking | Pocketnow

With a new super easy jailbreaking took from JailbreakMe.com, you can have your iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, or iPad jailbroken in just under two …

36 thoughts on “Jailbreak Your iPhone 4 and Start Tweaking | Pocketnow

  1. When installing apps/software as root, you run a high risk of compromising your phone (security, privacy, data, etc…). Be careful what you install (especially chinese, russian, and corporation apps…almost nothing is truly free …someone is usually getting paid with the money or other valuable info that violates your privacy that is sold to companies (usually personal data brokers …check epic.org for more info)…essentially, you pay with your privacy/security as the cost).
    Your best bet for good software is going through individuals who believe in open source software and publish through GPL, GNU, or Apache licenses (check wikipedia license types for more info) sourceforge.net is one of my personal favorites. This type of software sometimes may not be really pretty or professional-looking but you run less risk of having your phone's root access being transferred to the people making the apps/software. Rooting (gaining root access) can also be used to save battery life by modifying existing apps/software and how they run …if you notice excessive data/cpu/memory usage after installing an app, chances are that you're sending private data to them.

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