Kobo App Review on iPad and iPhone

The Kobo e-reading app for iOS allows you to organize the home screen, read ebooks and listen to audiobooks. Today Michael gives you an overview of the app and thee things it gets right.

8 thoughts on “Kobo App Review on iPad and iPhone

  1. The Kobo app for iOS (updated today) on my iPhone 6+ is totally useless for me. I am legally blind. Te app is INCOMPATIBLE with VoiceOver, unlike Kindle app, iBooks app and .PDF files on Adobe Reader. The app reads part of a page then stops and disables VoiceOver until I close the app then disable and reenable VoiceOver. I have to turn off VoiceOver to turn pages as well. I have the latest version of iOs. Kobo – your app is useless for the visually impaired until you correct this glaring incompatibility with VoiceOver, from which your competitors do not suffer

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