Making decent beats with an iPhone app (Medly)

I tried out the iPhone music making app Medly for the first time and made a couple of beats.


32 thoughts on “Making decent beats with an iPhone app (Medly)

  1. Have you ever tried SoundTrap? It's absolutely amazing music maker. You can use it on Computer or even smartphone. It is really great I would love to see you work your magic with the amazing sounds they have in that program. It is free but you can go premium and have access to wayyy more sounds and loops. But just like this there is also a 30-day free trial.

  2. Do you have an Android phone? If you do could you try some music making apps on Android puh puh puh please!!! There is only one I know of, it's basically Android's version of GarageBand is called WalkBand is kinda basic but it gets the job done, and you can also download extra sounds and instruments and it even let's you listen to other people's creations which is pretty neat. Please give it a shot I would LOVE to see what you come up with and the best part is that it is actually free!

  3. This was the first music app I used… and I didn’t like it. I didn’t think it was very good. After I made a few songs with this app I moved over to BandLab, which was better, but still not that great. Now I’m using LMMS, which is my favorite now. It supports VST plugins and synthesizers, so that makes it a lot easier.

  4. I was watching another video called "How to copy audio cd to Ps3 that's recognizable by mp3" from that vid Can you burn cd's with a Ps3 without using a external cd burner. Can you get or order a external cd burner and hook it to a ps3 to see if it will burn cd's, And can you or some 1 put the ps3 in aac codec to see if it will burn cd's so that the ps3 can recognize a cd called Sound Organizer because Sound Organizer has a cd burn button to burn cd's ??

  5. Medley was good fun when it came out but then as usual greed took over when the developers realised they could make some more cash and so almost doubled the subscription rates.

    I mean all the pro companies apps – Korg, MOOG, Sugar Bytes, Audiokit, Brambos, Novation, Amplify Etc – do you ever see subscription based business models? Nope – if anything they offer soundpacks you can buy IF you want them. Gone right off subscription audio production apps now.
    Most suck and just want to milk their app. The rest force you to download packs you have no interest in using or ever will use. Nope, another app, that’s not for me.

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