Mini iPhone 5 Leaked Coming Soon?

Mini iPhone 5: Leaked iPhone Nano

Bloomberg’s Article:

34 thoughts on “Mini iPhone 5 Leaked Coming Soon?

  1. It seems like I'm the only person who finds the current iPhone to take up too much real estate in my pocket. I for one would love a smaller device that is easier to slip in my pocket.

  2. I don't think it's gonna be unlocked because at&t bought t-mobile and and so Many other carriers in the uk are doing the same thing so don't think it's gonna be unlocked

  3. i think they're going the wrong way – people are buying bigger things (iPad, evo, Xoom, etc) – i know 2 of those are tabs, but the idea came from a cellphone, but gigantic. the evo and HD2 are 4.3in screens, which are both very successful phones, so i think 4.3 inch screen would be a step in the right direction…
    this would be cool too:
    5mp front 8mp back
    dual screen or real keyboard
    better OS (with widgets and homescreen) <- 😀
    a little more freedom without jailbreaking

  4. i think they will come out with both big and small iphones, it's the only way apple can compete with android devices, if they come out with either just big or small, apple will surely lose….

  5. @Hector947 they already made a bigger one!!! the iPad!!! now its time to make the iPhone Nano and peeps will still gonna get one even though how ridiculous it sounds…

  6. Don't care about the iPhone 5 or 6 now, im just waiting for the new iOS update for iphone 4. And I hope apple don't drop the iphone 4 updates like they did with the ipod touch 3g and below 🙁

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