MMM Fingers Hack Example ios game, iphone, ipad, android

Music = Magic by Tobu

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36 thoughts on “MMM Fingers Hack Example ios game, iphone, ipad, android

  1. Iphone 5 … It doesnt work … I do everything exactly shown in the video …though the blue line in the middle appears but I die after hitting any spike or as fast as i leave mah finger , it fails … Help it out …please !

  2. @matthewdavies I believe that they updated it and now you can't perform this hack anymore. Sorry 🙁 I tried it myself and it doesn't work

  3. Ok, I've seen hundreds of these methods across sooo many different people I do everything the EXACT way it is supposed to be done but every. single. time it just doesn't work 🙁 I don't know if there's been an update or if this doesn't work on iPad minis only but it just can't be done, me and my friends all tried the method nobody else could do it either after numerous attempts except from one who could do it on his iPhone 4 which is massively un updated, basically what happens is we wait till tongue slides across and swipe the same speed and position AND direction you do it in it gets on to the next screen it recognises the swipe with the light blue colour but doesn't actually start the game plz tell me I'm doing something wrong cus I've got REALLY angry with this 😡

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