New iPhone SE 3 (2021) release date, price & specs rumours

Hi, Guys.I’m Siri.Welcome to iOS beta news channel. today we will talk about iPhone Se 3
In the spring of last year, Apple launched a new model in its irregular but hugely popular iPhone SE series. The iPhone SE (2020) is very similar in style and features to the iPhone 8,but offers tech specs closer to the iPhone 11. This combination appears to have been a hit.what we expect from the next update to the iPhone SE range. We’ve rounded up all the latest leaks and rumours about what might…

18 thoughts on “New iPhone SE 3 (2021) release date, price & specs rumours

  1. Need to have the Home Screen buttons on the screen with Face ID and the prices should be 599.00 with a 6.1 screen size with the 11 cameras on it and it with back still be glasses back for faster change and with color vivid colors turquoise’s neon green. Mid black. Grey red or maybe with the 11pro camera lens

  2. ลำโพงคู่สเตริโอเสียงดีๆดังๆแจ็คหูฟัง3.5เอาคืนมาไม่สนกล้องเกมส์เน้นเสพย์ด้านเสียงการรองรับการอัพเดทเท่านั้นพอใจซื้อโอเค๊


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