The Checkm8 BootRom Exploit | The iPhone Data Recovery Dreamhack | Don't Worry about JAILBREAKS

On this Episode of the Art of Repair, Justin goes over the MOST important implication of the new Checkm8 BootRom Exploit, and its NOT a JAILBREAK, ITS DATA RECOVERY.

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46 thoughts on “The Checkm8 BootRom Exploit | The iPhone Data Recovery Dreamhack | Don't Worry about JAILBREAKS

  1. Hi Justin, not seen any new videos for a while. I hope your are well.
    Are you still in business? I have learned so much from your channel, I look forward to seeing your reply.

  2. HEY Please help me ! I have Galaxy Note 9 and it's in bootloop and have KG Status: Locked… i watched this guy ( and he's using tweezers to solve KG Status on Samsung A80, i saw a video of you "The Mythical Legendary Tweezer Trick" i think the solution to fix my Galaxy Note 9 maybe be in between both videos but i can't understand where i have to put the Tweezer in my Galaxy Note 9… could please take a moment and solve this huge problem for me?? Would be freaking awesome

  3. Thank you Justin for helping out a newbie like me to the industry. Will you make a video on the essential tools that I need for a mobile tech. It’s overwhelming with what is offered on the market. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on tools in my first business and have learned over the years of that business the essentials were tried and trued especially when you really learn how to use them or mastered them. You saving me thousands of dollars of trial and error would very appreciated. I don’t think of tools just as the average joe think of them as. Tools to me besides the hand tools and gadgets we use can be isopropyl, towels, chemicals and etc. Thank you and hope all is well for you and your family.

  4. My understanding doing is that this has nothing to do with the ability to recover data or bypass the lockscreen, though it could be used to sideload apps you could try to crack with, it would still be a brute force hack at the passcode

  5. And now we see a bunch of iPhones on-sell whit no Icloud but still locked and no usable because
    1 can't connect to iTunes, transfer music
    2 can't log in AppStore and other

  6. I’m duh, but hope you stay sharp as usual! Haven’t heard from you in a good while and I’m sure you have your hands full guy! I’m not the only one who would just like to hear you say you’re in good spirits and everything is lovely! Your fans care!😊👍🏻

  7. ive never understood how jailbreaking works but because this is tethered, does that mean you dont use cydia or something? if so, wont that make it harder to personalize your phone? Ive always wanted to jailbreak so that way i can change the theme my phone has and the loading animations and stuff. Is there any way i can do that with this bootrom jailbreak?

  8. And you think this wasn’t Apple? Of course it is, put fear to the public through influencers like you and many others so you get rid of your old devices.
    Well played Apple 👍🏻

  9. Wow! I gave you a thumbs up STRICTLY for that Microsoft mouse! I had one of those for yearssssss! Such a legendary mouse. I thought they no longer made them though.

  10. This whole video couldn’t be more wrong… this exploit doesn’t and can’t touch the secure element of any device, and as such cannot unencrypt the entire data set on the device. The cluelessness of this guy is so laughable.

  11. My question is, How? When it becomes available you really have no way to install the software to the phone if you are met with a icloud lock screen. How would you sideload it.

  12. It’s not going to hurt anyone’s feelings that matters! Am glad to see you as it has been a long time on this platform. Just know that you are missed and we understand about being in demand and true involvement when you are in a real company. You are more relaxed and your confidence level is changed to! It is great to see you happy. I remember the dark times! Press on Justin!😊👍🏻

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