The easiest way to set up your new iPhone 11 or 11 Pro

You just got a shiny new iPhone 11, 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max. It’s got new cameras, faster performance and a longer battery life. There’s only one downside: All of …

26 thoughts on “The easiest way to set up your new iPhone 11 or 11 Pro

  1. Presume the vital key information you missed out is you need Bluetooth or WiFi as I can’t get it work so just set up from old back up ! Wish people would make user friendly videos and not crap about the rock ?

  2. So I set up my iPhone and everything but my phone calls and messages still go through my old phone please help

  3. Video felt like it was 20 minutes because all of the useless talking, and don’t need a a video for that part because the prompts do it all, how do we transfer and activate the phone?!

  4. Hello, I am not getting the option "Set up New iPhone" in my old iphone. I have ios version 12.4.6, blue tooth is turned on, both phones fully charged and connected to power and placed next to each other. Tried restarting both the phone. Still the option / pop up for "Set up New iphone" is not appearing on the old phone, while the new phone gets the "Quick Start" screen. Can anyone advise what needs to be done to get the "Set up New iphone" pop-up on the old phone. Many thanks in advance.

  5. I am waiting for my new SE 2020 to arrive from Apple and I will be using this method to transfer from my old 6s. I have one quick question do both phones need to be on WiFi for this to work and am I correct that it will not matter if there is no SIM card in the new phone?

  6. Big thumbs up ! Not just for the video – that info is everywhere. But nobody else reminded about the movie Remo Williams. A classic and loved it – found it on tubitv. Thanks.

  7. There was a lot of useful information here, and it was presented so creatively with so much humor I didn't even mind. :). When it was done, I knew I had to subscribe. Thanks!

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