The REAL Reason iPhone XS Doesn't Come With A Fast Charger

The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max come with the same slow 5W charger that Apple has been including with iPhones for years. In this video, we try to determine the REAL Reason why Apple doesn’t include a fast charger in their $1000+ smartphones.



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45 thoughts on “The REAL Reason iPhone XS Doesn't Come With A Fast Charger

  1. This is why I share my charger with my wife's 11 pro max. I got the XS that doesn't come with it. I found it wierd that a 2.1 charger like the one on iPad always seems to charge the old iPhones

  2. Maybe they didnt want people complaining about shorter battery life. Batteries dont like fast charges and they especially dont like wireless charging and not just because of the heat.

  3. You guys are stupid. Fast charging should be used ocassionally not everyday. Excess heating can damage your phone .My iphone 7 plus has 84% battery and last a dat without a problem with 800 chargings until today. Be wise. Do not push your luck.

  4. If apple removes the lightning port, there there will be no need for the lightning earpods or charge cables which means it's either the box will come with just the phones with airpods and wireless chargers sold differently or maybe they will include airpod 1's cos they would be the cheapest and then make a slow charge wireless charger and then sell the fast charge differently… Apple can't surprise me anymore… Thats what happens when the innovator dies and leaves behind the marketers

  5. Maybe Apple have a huge stock of slow chargers which they need to get rid of before switching all phone to the fast charger in the box next year.

  6. Apple is greedy. They want to trap their customers into their ecosystem and create inconveniences knowingly and sell the solution. And since they make it impossible to break free from the ecosystem, they know you'll come around. To milk all the dimes they want out of you. That or you have to be trapped uncomfortably.

    Oh no, I'm not making Apple the bad guy, I'm just saying what's blatantly true. If it sounds like I'm making them the bad guy then…

  7. Its one reason pal. Money. I just got my first iphone since the 3gs. Having to buy a charger that should have been included is totally unacceptable. Day one and im already pi$$ed and considering going back to samsung.

  8. if you're sitting with your iphone charging overnight you're fucking it up more anyways. use a fast charger keep it between 40-80% only go to 100 when you're awake to remove it as soon as its done.

  9. Because Apple is a sleazy company. Their phones and accessories are way overpriced and generally can't stand up to the most basic of Android phones.

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