The True Cost of the iPhone

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36 thoughts on “The True Cost of the iPhone

  1. The fact is that apple's true competitor is android. Android sells close to 85% of all phone sales. Let's take a look at some facts. Apple doesn't have the best cameras. Huawei does. Apple isn't the flashiest, Asus ROG and Xiaomi black shark 3 all have features like pop up buttons, and they have cooler designs too. Other phones have popup cameras and wraparound displays(Xiaomi mi mix alpha) and folding phones and bezel-less phones. The best battery? That goes to an android too. Biggest screen? Android. Value? Android. Best thermal cooling? Android. Headphone jack? Android. Seriously Apple, no-one gives a shit about you. I mean, what kind of stupid company makes wheels the size of a mouse for $700?

  2. This is the only video from your channel that was easy to understand & fun for me, it doesn't mean that I'm terrible at understanding content but your videos look like this. Only this video is different & and easy to understanding.

  3. Making an iPhone 11pro costs apple;
    Materials- 345$
    Workers payment- 10$
    additional costs??(unknown what) – 7$
    Then there comes the marketing, which costs Apple a lot, since you literally cant escape their ads anywhere – If you split the costs of all iPhone 11 pro marketing, it comes to 50$ marketing per iPhone 11pro. Together 412$ against the cost of 1000$. But then Apple also makes their iPhones less cheap for tech stores so they can resell them… -120$ average, which makes Apple averagely earn 468$ per an iPhone 11 pro.
    EDIT: I counted the OS cost with the materials, but actually keeping up the OS on iPhone 11pro ,if we presume they would for 5 years, would cost apple additional 20$ per iPhone.

  4. I think the iPhone 11 is worth the cost. Even the camera alone is spectacular! It’s hard to find such a good camera at that price point. Even if you happen to do so, that camera won’t take calls or have the ability to install apps.

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