‘Tinder Swindler’ Shimon Hayut prosecuted by actual Leviev diamond nearest and dearest more than impersonation

‘Tinder Swindler’ Shimon Hayut prosecuted by actual Leviev diamond nearest and dearest more than impersonation

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The topic of brand new Netflix genuine-crime documentary The newest Tinder Swindler will be sued by real household members behind the diamond kingdom who the guy stated to be an effective person in when he presumably tricked several people he satisfied toward the new dating application off multiple millions.


Predicated on documents acquired by Anyone, Israeli Russian diamond tycoon Lev Leviev along with his family relations is suing Shimon Hayut, alias Simon Leviev, to have hundreds of thousands immediately following the guy allegedly impersonated them and you can put the history label to help you enhance themselves.

The fresh suit, that was registered when you look at the Tel Aviv, Israel, alleges that “for some time, the guy [Hayut] could have been and make incorrect representations as the man regarding Lev Leviev and getting several advantages (and additionally issue of those).”

The latest data allege that Hayut could have been “cunningly using false words, claiming are a person in new Leviev family, hence his family unit members pays and you may incur the expenses away from their benefits.

“The guy also utilized the LLD Expensive diamonds signature and come up with his sufferers believe that he was indeed area of the diamond company (it’s Chief executive officer not less, each his signature) and you may try a person in new Leviev Relatives.”

Consequently, Hayut is believed to possess “defrauded, cheated, fooled, falsified, and damage lady, men, and you can companies” towards the a global measure, per court papers.

“The fresh new accused utilized the relationships application ‘Tinder’ discover ladies who then he mentally controlled, cunningly bamboozled out of loans, and ultimately sure in order to import huge amounts of cash to your beneath the guise of being on the move out-of anybody aiming into the hurting your,” the fresh lawsuit stated.


Hayut pulled away from a luxurious con out of millions of dollars out-of their Tinder times. When you are matchmaking this type of lady, the guy adopted a cycle of fabricating an artificial emergency, and then inquiring his dates for cash to greatly help him. His dates install the cash through loans and you will using their private offers.

Hayut made use of the transform ego Leviev name stating he had been brand new man of the Israeli Russian diamond tycoon Lev Leviev, owner out-of LLD Diamonds.

The brand new Netflix’s crime documentary The latest Tinder Swindler informs the storyline of amerikkalainen mies rakastaa Afganistan-naisia three victims whom decrease prey so you’re able to Hayut and you may destroyed an incredible number of bucks. Regarding the documentary, the ladies so-called you to definitely Hayut reported he had been this new son of Leviev, took them from fancy schedules and you can come dating together with them in advance of he sooner ripped off him or her out-of large sums of money. Hayut didn’t appear in new documentary to address the fresh accusations, however, a vocals content this new filmmakers said he sent him or her is as part of the latest flick.

In the 2015. Hayut supported two-and-a-half many years from inside the an effective Finnish prison immediately following he was found guilty away from defrauding three girls. The guy as well as offered fifteen days inside the an Israeli jail once becoming found guilty of five fraud charges, but was released once five months.

What might have been said?

Chagit Leviev, new dily’s chance, issued an announcement stating that Hayut are an effective “scam which took our family members’ term features attempted to mine all of our an effective identity to help you fraud subjects regarding huge amount of money.”

She went on: “He’s no relation to brand new Leviev members of the family and it has no affiliation with us LLD Expensive diamonds. I am treated one his actual identity and you will actions was in fact global launched, and you can hopefully this may render a cure for their dishonest measures.

“The fresh suit we submitted now is only the starting point out of many we are delivering to own your face justice and have now the latest phrase the guy may be worth.”

Child Ophir, the newest Leviev family members’ attorney, told you in a statement your suit was “precisely the beginning of plenty of lawsuits.”

“Next faze we shall document an economic match against Simon and just about every other member that can run him, plus some other sites which have Mutual potential which have Simon and you can/or has available to purchase cameos out-of your,” the latest lawyer said from inside the a statement. “Anyone that will try to help you capitalise using this strategy might possibly be prosecuted.”

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