Top 5 iPhone Repair Mistakes – How to avoid them!

Don’t make these mistakes when repairing your iPhone!
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50 thoughts on “Top 5 iPhone Repair Mistakes – How to avoid them!

  1. I used a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the bottom screws on my iPhone 8, I got it open and then screwed something up because the screen would light up but I couldn’t enter my password because the touchscreen stopped working

  2. Yes, purchasing a good quality driver set made all the difference in the world for me in making things so much easier. What once was anxiety producing, the fear of stripping or damaging a screw, has now become pleasurable endeavor.

  3. I often use an eighteen slot white empty "egg carton" for holding the screws .. easy to see background holder .. and setting the various parts next to the appropriate spot on the carton, or .. in the carton itself with the designated screws .. keeps them organized as well. Cheers ……….

  4. funny af as ive had my screen of 100 times while the screen has literally been on and never ever had any issue with frying anything, i find it a myth as i have done it on many of my phones and never fried the backlight.

  5. I hope you see this, i have a iphone 5s i put the parts to another housing after putting the parts of my iphone 5s i got a unexpected shutdown and battery percent is wrong 1% i charged to 78% i hope you see this

  6. Man, should of seen this video before doing a teardown on my sisters broken Iphone SE. I broke the battery adhesive strips and it made it a huge pain in the ass to remove the battery.

  7. Ive just reassembly an iphone 5, but i got the "no sim card" message randomly, i restart the phone and sometimes it works, some others dont, i put it on airplane mode but ive got the same results (didnt happened before), i tried another sim card but same results, can you give me any advice?

  8. What about just changing the glass screen not the lcd? Can it be cheap china one as its just the glass screen or does it affect the quality?

  9. hi Hugh, great videos, was wondering what you think of these housing from aliexpress "iphone 5 5G 5S Back Middle Frame Chassis Full Housing Assembly Battery Cover Door Rear with Flex Cable" as a beginner would these be ok to use? or could you make a video using one of these. keep up the good work!!

  10. im worried now as my 5s is screen less and I took out the broken screen when the battery was still in. it wont ring and it wont vibrate only thing I get out of it is my pc recognizing itive ordered a cheap screen aswell!

  11. Dislikes are from repair shops that removes battery with brute force, disconnect the screen before the battery and uses low quality screens to scam customers

  12. Hello @Hugh Jeffreys , i have 1 question for you , i have 1 iphone 5s 16 gb and when i put the phone on charge dont charge only show me 'charged' some times charge like 30-40 % but no more . what is the problem ?

  13. Hi friend
    I am watching your videos on youtube and I appreciate your work on the phones. I want to ask you if you can help me with iphone 7 icloud locked.
    Is there any way to unlock that phone?
    I have watched a lot YouTube videos about this topic and there are some guys promising that if i jailbreak the phone or change the firmware with custom one it’ll be unlocked. I don’t want to change the motherboard and if there is way to unlock the phone i need to know.

    Thank you for your answer and help and also for nice videos you make.

  14. I sent my iPhone 5S to my local phone shop to change the battery. After getting the battery changed my phone screen started to flickring. The flickring happend only sometimes and happend after getting a phone call. Sometimes the fleckring never happen but when it happened, it is very annoying

  15. Hi Hugh, I have an iPhone 4S that is water damaged and the battery refuses to charge. It won't power on when plugged in and I have disassembled and reassembled the phone removing the corrosion near connectors. Yet still no dice (the charger does work though) Any ideas to what is the source and how i can fix it

  16. Hey I have a question I have a IPhone X previously I had an iPhone 6 Plus and I have a SD card reader doesn’t seem to be recognized on iPhone X do you think this is a software issue my wife also has the new iPhone ex same thing with hers I have the old iPhone 6 and it works just fine any suggestions

  17. Hi Hugh, this is Winston from iMyFone software. I wonder if you can test our iOS System Rcovery program and publish a video review on your channel. If you're interested in this cooperation, please send an email and tell me about the price.

  18. Hi Hugh, I am going to start doing iPhone motherboard repairs here in Perth mainly as a hobby, like no back light, not charging, not turning on, no display, no touch etc…would this help you with some of your other phones that need more than parts swapping?

  19. When I repaired my iPhone 6 by replacing the screen, I put a long screw in to secure the home button bracket. It's perfect other than having a tiny hole next to the home button that's barely noticable and looks like a screen protector bubble after realizing my mistake and putting the screw where it actually belonged.

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