Ultimate Comparison: iPhone SE (2020) VS iPhone 11!

AppleInsider compares the brand new 2020 iPhone SE against the iPhone 11 to see how much of a difference there is.

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25 thoughts on “Ultimate Comparison: iPhone SE (2020) VS iPhone 11!

  1. Well I have been using SE for about a week, it definitely do the job, I think it all comes down on screen size and camera, I’m ok with SE, for the price I think it will last a few years, definitely worth it.

  2. Comparing the SE to the 11 is like comparing a compact sedan with a minivan. Both car types get you from A to B, but are geared towards different demographics. 11 is for the general populace; the SE is geared towards the budget minded, those of us wanting Touch ID in an upgrade, or want something smaller but don’t want to pony up for the 11 Pro.

  3. 11 is better but se is great If u want great performance without upto datę desgin, rememebr The 11 1gb extra ram

  4. I am so done with Face ID on my X, when it works it works but every other time it is frustratingly annoying. Plus I get realistically 1.5 hours of screen on time before it dies. That SE looks so appealing right now!

  5. I want it because it has the design or the older iPhones that I like. It’s also small like the 6 and it’s a lot cheaper than other iPhones

  6. My husband and I just went Apple from Android. My husband got the 11, and I chose the SE. We both did it based on size. He has huge hands I have small ones.

  7. The main reason for me to choose the 11 over the SE is the HUGE upgrade in the camera. I'm torn because I love the size of the SE much better, but as a photographer I want the best camera. Choices…

  8. i can't decide between the two. i want to spend less but the design of the 11 is aesthetic for me although the SE shares similar back design it's just that it does not have the square camera module.

  9. You can pick up an iPhone SE with an iPad 10.2 for the price of an iPhone 11. That is the purchase to go for imo. You have a great phone and a great tablet rather than a phone that is a little better and bigger than the SE.

  10. Base price in NZ for the 11 is $1349 vs SE $799. That’s $550 difference! I can get 2 pairs of Airpods 2 on Trademe or an AirPods Pro and still have money left for a nice lunch! SE hands down the best bang for your buck!

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