Ultimate iPhone XS Guide | Top tips & best new iOS 12 features

New to Apple’s iPhone XS? Our tips and tricks guide walks you through the gesture controls to have you swiping around like a pro, while revealing the best new iOS 12 features.

This ultimate guide covers the following

How to bring up the Control Panel, Notifications and Recent Apps.
How to use the iPhone XS Do Not Disturb feature.
The new Notifications handling in iOS 12.
Setup and using Face ID security.
How to setup and use Siri on the iPhone XS, including hands-free operation and the new…

13 thoughts on “Ultimate iPhone XS Guide | Top tips & best new iOS 12 features

  1. It took a couple of days to get used to the lack of a home button and the various swipes to get places, but once I got used to it>>>ur2.pl/1256 it is a very nice phone and intuitively easy. I had also been skeptical of the facial recognition, but that works amazingly well and quickly. All in all, a great phone.

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