Ultimate Used iPhone Buying Guide | What iPhones to avoid!

In this video I will be doing a ultimate used iPhone buying guide, this video will include info on the faults and defects in some models of iPhone and give my recommendation on the best iPhone models based on reliability and quality.

26 thoughts on “Ultimate Used iPhone Buying Guide | What iPhones to avoid!

  1. No I have an iPhone 5c the phone is slow iPhone 6 better than the five I have no problem with my iPhone 6 stop knocking at mine has a has an upgrade iOS 12.4.4

  2. If you are replacing the battery in a phone make sure your battery is legit so it does not start a fire when you charge it. Also make sure you are getting a legit phone and not a knockoff because knockoffs can start a fire when you charge them or might steal your account info that you use to sign into it such as Apple ID or bank account info.

  3. Remove the sim socket try blowing slightly if the phone is already opened you will be able to blow and if not you wont

    Check the battery health the better the batter health the better the batter condition

    Insert your sim and also make sure their i cloud is logged out

    Camera all modes including video all modes

    Wifi,bluetooth,cellular data check

    Thats pretty much it

  4. I bought used iPhone 5 from mercari and it had iCloud locked and the person don't know the Apple ID and I tried to unlock it but it did not work do u know how to fix that????????

  5. In my opinion the iPhone 6 was the best. It was the last iPhone to have both a physical clicks home button and had the headphone jack. It was my first iPhone and I loved th thing to death. After that I got the iPhone SE and it ran for about a year and a half until recently when the cellular atena spanned and wouldn’t read my sim. But that’s all my oponion

  6. Something that wasnt mentioned was that the iphone 5, 5c, and 5s can not do wifi calling or voice over LTE. carries are shutting down their 3g networks withing the next year or so, so those phones will be truly obsolete then.

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