Unbelievably Useful iPhone Apps (FOR EVERYONE!!)

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It’s been awhile since the last episode of Unbelievably Useful iPhone apps but the wait was worth it because today I’ve got a batch of new apps that anyone can find useful. From a new way to take visual notes, to enhancing your Shortcuts experience with notifications, to social tools, to news and lots more, there’s LOT’S to dig into and get…

42 thoughts on “Unbelievably Useful iPhone Apps (FOR EVERYONE!!)

  1. If you want truly unbiased news, you should look at the BBC.

    Some random news aggregator that purports to be unbiased is just not acknowledging that their bias exists.

  2. Am I the only one who thinks he complicates his life a little too much with these apps?? Use an app to use another app to do something in another app. Nope this video is not for me.

  3. Hey Chris, we're so thrilled to see you cover our app! Thank you so much. I'm just emailing you, I'd love to connect.

  4. Hi Chris, first of all regards from Düsseldorf, Germany, your videos are really useful to me and are my go-to whenever I want to hear about cool stuff and apps for my Apple gear.
    One question: I can’t find the app Volve in the App Store. Are you sure the name is spelled correctly? And if so, where can I download it from?
    Many thanks in advance for your help.

  5. I'm really having a hard time finding the Apole app on the App store and Google 😛 Small suggestion would be to include the app store links.
    Big fan and great video as always 🙂

  6. Hey Chris I live in Trinidad love your channel. I am looking for an iPhone app that will let me document all my home product, appliances, electronic etc i.e. Model, serial, maybe with a pic……. Thanks much . Keep up the great content.

  7. I like your app selection 👌. I don't have an iPhone or any iOS device to use those app, but I like it. I only have an Android, it's fine. And I like to mention that Volv & Dialup is also available on Google Play Store 😄

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