What's on my iPhone | Best apps of 2018!

[What’s on my iPhone | The best apps of 2018!] I got a new phone! Here are my favourite apps from 2018 for staying organised and maintaining a healthy work/life balance ❤️ {OPEN FOR MORE}

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37 thoughts on “What's on my iPhone | Best apps of 2018!

  1. If you like Calm Meditation app then you should also try Tide, Atmosphere and Sleep Sounds. I like all these meditation apps and just wanted to recommend you these wonderful apps that make me sleep every time. By the way, great video… I love all your videos…Good luck for your future videos Jess….

  2. I would recommend Wisdo for mental health. It helps you connect with others going through the same issues such as anxiety, depression, and even the small stuff. I also would recommend trying “Huddle” which is the same yet so different. Though, I have not yet tried huddle but looking forward to it! 😅

  3. Hey Jess, are you gonna go back to make your usual amazing studying videos not that your other videos are nice but I prefer the ones on studying. Love the video

  4. jess you are such a positive person I think that a person sit beside with you and talk with you he or she will get so much positive thoughts from you that he doesn't need to download apps .

  5. I use Flo and Sworkit too! Flo is really accurate on when you period will come and reminds you when it's near the date!
    For mental health, I recommend: Make Me Better and Self Help Audiobooks
    For simple daily diary (not writing chunks of words), which are both useful trackers for mental health sufferers: Daylio or Moodpath
    For a relaxing game: Deemo

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