Why iPhones Crack So Easily

A cracked iPhone is the most common repair performed at Apple’s retail stores. With a quarter of users experiencing it. But why do iPhones seem so fragile in the first place? Well that’s what I’ll explain right now.

24 thoughts on “Why iPhones Crack So Easily

  1. Always use a a good case and tempered glass screen protector since day one.Your phone shows how well you take care of it.My phones always look as good as new after years of use and I have never broken or cracked any of them.

  2. The best in Chinese child labor comes with a 1 page essay about how great the glass is only for it to break after a drop.
    They curve the glass so glass screen protectors don't properly fit alongside a case, noticed this with current phones.
    Phones a couple years ago, you could get the case with a plastic screen protector and add a glass screen protector now with the curve you can longer do that.
    All so that once you drop that 500$+ pos you'll buy another.
    My fix for that, get the case with plastic screen protector, put the glass screen protector over the plastic.
    The cases aren't this round BULL that only exists to circumvent 5$ preventions for 100$+ fix.

  3. i had a screen protector on for a while but that got a big air bubble in it and i never got a screen protector on it after i took that one off. going on 2 years now and not even a scratch i’m impressed at how much phones are dropped.

  4. Honestly, this seems like a really outdated video for coming out two days ago.
    Apple’s ceramic shield glass is phenomenally strong, and their back glass is nowhere as brittle as it used to be. An iPhone 12 is much more resistant to shattering than 99% of android phones

  5. thats what happens when you pay someone 50 cents a fucking day then put nets around the building where they work at to stop the workers from committing suicide. utter fucking joke and anyone who buys into this shit is the one promoting slave labor

    p.s ontop of that workers who are underpaid and malnourished are not allowed to talk about the working conditions at the factories they live at, yes i said LIVE.

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