Why You Should Jailbreak in 2019!

A comprehensive guide on why you should jailbreak your iPhone in 2019! My favorite tweaks & reasons to jailbreak my iPhone XS max!

iOS 12 Jailbreak Released HERE:

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27 thoughts on “Why You Should Jailbreak in 2019!

  1. Hey EverythingApplePro i love my iPhone 7 on iOS 13.3 with the unc0ver jailbreak but one thing i hate is my iPhone always reboot it self when i am using it but none other than that jailbreaking is Still cool because of all the cool thing you can do with it on your iPhone

  2. If I jailbreaking lets say Iphone 4. Iphone 4 are only support Ios 7 when one of an essential apps, like whatsapp for example requires ios 9. Will i be able to install that on my jailbreaked iphone 4? Thank you

  3. Apple is doing everything for good reason you being childish now saying that just because there aint no screensaver… why you lookin at your phone when its locked anyway ? thats my point Apple does everything in a way that its going to fully work and not bug and crash… Biggest stupidity of jailbreaking is you closing your eyes on that battery capacity thinking with your screensaver you higher up than others, it just halfes already weak battery, and dont forget of course you cant jailbreak that ;)) DONT JAILBREAK KIDS or do it for very important reasons only…

  4. Hello I am from the Philippines, I joined here so I will be pleased with the Iphone SE because in fact I am one of the poor here in the Philippines I have been using Iphone 4s it has been 4 years so I have given it to my grandma because this is what i used in my study, in the unlikely event other parts of iphone 4s didn't work, so I wanted to be chosen… Thank You From Philippines 

  5. Every quality of life improvement you're getting from jailbreaking is just stock Android behavior. Has Apple really not advanced the state of their devices since the iPhone 3GS?

  6. The fact that you even have to jailbreak iPhones to do a lot of these things is ridiculous. Just switch to Android and you will be able to do a lot of these things and then some. There is no need to unnecessarily hack your phone just to be able to do this stuff.

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