Wireless Charging on iPhone 6S!

A wireless charging solution for the iPhone 6S!

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iPhone 6S:

iPhone 6S Plus:

More wireless charging options:

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19 thoughts on “Wireless Charging on iPhone 6S!

  1. i found that wearing any iphone case is always bring problem when i want try to connect usb lightning cable to the phone,,,,i love my iPhone 6S Plus naked,,,

  2. In my opinion, I'm an iPhone user and wireless charging is pointless af. I'm always constantly using my phone, and the only time I leave my phone alone is before I go to sleep.

  3. Wireless charging is an interesting concept but highly impractical. Am I to, every time my iPhone needs charging, to take it out of my Otterbox, then put it in the Qi case to charge it, then when it is fully charged, reinstall it back in the Otterbox? It is much much easier to just plug in the lightning cable with the phone inside the Otterbox!!!

  4. I think "wireless charging" is dumb because isn't wireless at all, when someone talks to you or you're receiving a call you'll need to pick up the phone from the dock & it won't charge so you'll be interrupt the charging.

  5. I don't get how people can damage their cables every couple of months. I've been using mine which was bought in October 2014 and it only has yellow stains.

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