Wrong About iPhone 13

Should you upgrade to the iPhone 13?
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📱 iPhone 13:

For the next few weeks, the vast, vast majority of iPhone 13 buying advice will be strangely fixated on whether or not it’s a compelling upgrade from… the iPhone 12. And spoiler alert — it’s not. It never is. Not year over year. Not for any iPhone. Almost. And no one expects it to…

24 thoughts on “Wrong About iPhone 13

  1. I'd definitely consider myself a tech enthusiast, but I still usually shoot for 3 years between upgrades, maybe with a battery replacement thrown in around the 2 year mark. This usually ends up being properly worth it. Anything less generally hasn't. I don't want to succumb to the "new shiny" impulse, instead upgrading when it's actually necessary/sufficiently beneficial. This time around, however, it's looking like it'll be 2 years. I love my iPhone 11, but it's letting me down in one singular, critical way: LTE signal strength. I've been through Apple Care, had the phone fully replaced, swapped sim cards, reset, restarted, and totally wiped the phone more times than I can remember… but the thing still just completely loses LTE signal multiple times per day, no matter where I am. I'm guessing it's some weird combo of my carrier's (Telus) network settings not being particularly optimised for this model and the iPhone 11's weak-ass Intel LTE modem. The phone is still great in literally every other way, but this is a deal-breaker. Holding onto cellular signal is kind of smartphone 101, and this thing is completely dropping in areas my old iPhone 7 never did. So, rather than buy out the 11 when I hit the 2 year mark, I'm just going to give it back and grab a 13 of some kind – hopefully I can get 3-4 years out of this one.

  2. If your looking to upgrade to the pro series for the iPhone 13 and you don’t have an iPhone 12 Pro/pro max.Definitely upgrade the pro motion is worth it along.If your looking for the budget model,wait for the price drop when the iPhone 13 drops iPhone 12 cheaper and there literally no difference

  3. I’m one of those that change iphone every year. what I don’t understand (and bugs me) is: what is going to happen to my 2 years long Apple care (now it’s 2 by the law, previously it was just one here)? is the second year will be enjoyed by the person that get my phone?

  4. Lots of people will go into unnecessary debt on a new phone each year. There are plenty who still have cc debt from previous years iPhones. Be smarter!!!! You don’t need a new phone every year. Save!!!

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